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A place with
happy memories

Alebrijes are imaginary beings made up of physiognomic elements of different animals. These are handicrafts made with carpentry and copal wood carving techniques painted with mostly cheerful and vibrant colors.

An Alebrije is created with the root of the copal tree by artisans and artists in Oaxaca.

Like Alebrijes, our roots are from Oaxaca.

At Alebrije Neveria Ice Cream Shop and Snack Bar, we want to make you feel connected to our roots in Oaxaca to enjoy the same snacks that you enjoyed as children.

It is essential for the Santiago family not to leave aside our true essence, sense of being, origin, history, sense of belonging, and values.

“We decided to recreate all of the raspado flavors that we enjoyed the most … we included in our milkshakes, the tiramisu milkshake, which was inspired from the tiramisu cake that my mom would buy for my sister on special occasions.”
Ricardo Santiago, founder

At Alebrije Neveria, we transport you to those sunny hot days in our beloved Oaxaca with the delicious flavors of Raspados, ice creams, milkshakes, blended drinks, Gansito cakes and traditional Mazapan snacks from our childhood.

We invite you and your family to enjoy some delicious Snacks. We love to receive your friends from other cultures to show them a little about our roots in this small place made with love located at 10171 North 19th Avenue Suite 7 Phoenix, AZ 85021

Don’t miss trying our best seller Cookie Monster Milkshake, a refreshing Mangoneada, or a comforting Elote Bowl when you come.

Best of Phoenix for
Best Raspados 2020

“Alebrije Neveria
10171 North 19th Avenue, #7
It’s easy to miss Alebrije Neveria, an unsuspecting strip mall spot on 19th Avenue north of Dunlap Avenue. The outside may be forgettable, but the inside is chic, with a blue-and-gold accent wall and long, inviting table for lingering and getting a great drink shot (these raspados are photogenic). Their menu goes beyond standard strawberry and tamarind to include chocolate, passion fruit, and horchata, a cinnamony sip topped with fresh-cut strawberries and walnuts. The elote bowls are also impressive so save room.”